We are a motivated, dynamic team of metalworking experts. We all have a great love for technology and
especially for technical solutions in food processing operations. This area in particular demands in-depth
know-how and experience, and our strong team is united by such competence.

INTEGRATED AND SOLUTION-ORIENTED APPROACH  We can offer you complete solutions, partial solutions
or individual solutions – all according to your specific needs. Whatever the task, we always keep the big picture
in mind. We are also happy to advise you in working with public authorities. After all, we share the same goal:
your optimally designed machine or plant. 

DYNAMIC AND EXPERIENCED  We are a young team but not without some years of professional experience
under our belts. This combination yields dynamic and creative solutions that are simply true to the spirit of the times.
What’s more: We are perfectly familiar with the requirements of the modern food processing industry!
Clean working methods are a given with us.

PERSONAL  This word stands by itself since it is absolutely the most important factor. 
You know us, we know you – this is the only way to foster the necessary trust for comprehensive service.


We specialize in the planning, engineering and assembly of machines and plants for grain processing, mixed
compound feed plants, food processing operations and seed cleaning operations. We also manufacture individual
containers, pipework elements, small machinery and custom solutions.

We offer retrofitting, new construction, expansions as well as repair and service work in the following areas: